Lunes, Pebrero 12, 2018

The Law

There are a lot of EDC enthusiasts who inquire about carry laws, ordinances and SOP’s.
Here is a more definitive section of the Revised Penal Code Batas Pambansa 6Comelec Gun Ban

The law itself clearly states several items that are technically “unlawful” to carry outside of the residence. Mere possession of any of these instruments or as they say—a reasonable facsimile thereof—has a corresponding penalty.

In urban areas, security checkpoints have long been the norm in shopping centers and other public places. This was the result of several bombing incidents in the mid-1980s and armed robbery incidents in the late 1970s. Believe it or not, there was a time when I saw M1 carbines slung on the shoulders of diners at a restaurant in Baclaran only a few years before Martial Law was declared.

As a culture, we are a people who by tradition were “required” to have some sort of weapon upon reaching the age of puberty. As soon as juvenile males grew hair where the sun didn’t shine, was just about the time he was bequeathed with a blade or bow.

In my growing up years, this was also my rite of passage. Although my father did not give me a decent Swiss Army Knife or folder, he did “authorize” me to carry a box cutter as part of my daily carry along with the watch, wallet, house keys and kerchief.

For those who have had a similar ritual, it would be very difficult to undo or to break this ancient tradition. In high school, many of my classmates had “balisongs”, book matches and cigarettes in their pockets. It was difficult or “unmanly” to leave the house without these.

As mature, law-abiding adults, we do need to live by certain rules—both written and unwritten—if we are to walk among men. We all have to live by a code to separate us from the uncivilized.

There are cities that implement an ordinance banning the possession of deadly weapons. Every mall, hotel, train station, bus station, office building and drinking establishment has its own security checkpoints and it would generally wise not to be caught with any of the banned items or firearms in your person.

Security protocols vary; from the cursory glance, wand strokes, bag search, pat-down and in many first class hotels and office buildings--x-ray machines which have become more prevalent in recent years. Sometimes, even K-9 teams are used.

In practice, it is unlawful to carry—period!

So how do we go about having our toys around when we need them? Take a moment to read the attached link and decide for yourself.

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  1. It is unlawful to carry outside of one's residence any bladed, pointed or blunt WEAPON.

    But is it unlawful to carry outside of one's residence any bladed, pointed or blunt TOOL? or TOY? or GEAR?

  2. Good point you have there. However, that argument may not stand in court, except if you can prove that your job requires you to carry.